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Action Plan for Jobs

Since the Action Plan for Jobs was introduced in 2012, it has been one of the Government's key instruments to support job creation.

The Action Plan for Jobs is a whole-of-Government initiative under which all Government Departments and Agencies work together to deliver on the agreed action points for each year.

The Action Plan for Job's Five Strategic Ambitions are:

  1. To support 200,000 net additional jobs by 2020
  2. To get Ireland back to a top-five ranking in international competitiveness
  3. To stimulate the domestic economy and generate employment in locally traded sector
  4. To build an indigenous engine of growth that drives up the export market share of Irish companies
  5. To build world-class clusters in key sectors of opportunity

The Government is committed to seeing full employment of 2.1m people in 2018.

An Action Plan for Jobs is published every year, setting out clear actions and targets to help create positive conditions for job creation. Results are reviewed quarterly and progress reports are published.

Links to all Action Plans for Jobs and progress reports are available from this page.

Action Plan for Jobs 2016

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