What We Do

Data and Enterprise, Science and Innovation Surveys

DJEI undertakes a number of enterprise, innovation and science surveys and regularly publishes data in relation to its own activities and on Ireland's trade and enterprise performance.

These surveys and data releases are listed and can be accessed through the links below, and where relevant the time series include data formerly collected through Forfás Surveys.

Enterprise Agency Annual Employment Survey (AES)

Annual Employment Survey 2015

Enterprise Agency Annual Business Survey of Economic Impact (ABSEI)

Annual Business Survey of Economic Impact 2015

Higher Education R&D Survey

Survey of Research and Development in the Higher Education Sector 2012/2013

Research and Development Budget Expenditure

The Research and Development Budget (R&D) 2015-16

Statistics Dashboard

Dashboard Statistics April 2017

Trade Statistics

Summary of Ireland's Trade Performance

Employment Permits

Latest data on Employment Permits issued

Data Infographics

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